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I can tell you that having great Workout Music that Motivates and Inspires can mean the difference between enjoying your Workout Routine or forcing yourself through to the end, praying that it will finish. The Music that you choose can Lift you or a lack of it can Drain you.

The right choice of Music can be the Driving Force to create Great Workouts that pump up your Enthusiasm, no matter what your Activity. The pleasure gained from listening to Music that excites you, will make your Workout Routine, so much more Productive and Dynamic.

People have been using Music and Workouts in combination for years. It’s the unconscious beat that controls your pace. You don’t have to think about it, you just go with the flow and before you know it, you’re in a rhythm.

Did you know that Exercising to the tempo is that "Secret Ingredient" that keeps you moving?

I instructed and participated in Aerobic Classes for many years and the Music played was an integral part that linked all of the moves together. You can use it to provide the build up to a Higher Intensity or the Relaxed Mood during a Cool-down and Stretching Session. I quickly learnt and you will too, that the Music played will either "make" or "break" a great Aerobics or Workout Session.

So when you take control of your Workout Music, you can pick what's best for you. And now with the advent of MP3 Players, it is so much easier to have all of your Favourite Music with you, whenever and wherever you are having your Workout.


  • Reduce Pain and Discomfort.
  • Relieve Stress.
  • Increase Mental and Emotional Function.
  • Stay Healthy.
  • Lift your Mood.
  • Improve Sports Performance.
  • (Source,


    workout music
    MP3 players and iPods in particular are a fantastic addition to your Exercise Equipment Arsonal.

    Compact and light-weight, you can wear them as you Workout without any interference.

    You can Walk, Cycle, Jog, Row, Run, just about any Aerobic Exercise or Workout lends itself to an MP3 training partner.

    Allow me to tell you from experience, I did Workouts for years either listening to a radio or nothing at all. Yeah, your mind can wonder and you have freedom to think about whatever you like, but I’m here to tell you that the time just drags on. But now with an MP3 player you can escape to your world of Music and Exercise that’s fun and productive.


    Basically “Whatever Music that lifts your spirits and puts a smile on your face” will be great to Exercise too. So if you are Walking, Jogging, Cycling, etc…just fill your MP3 with tunes or put on a CD that you LOVE and gets you in the mood to "Pump it Out" and your set to go.

    When you have an MP3, you can fill a "Favourites Section" with selected songs that fit a theme, i.e. Rock, and play it for a Set Duration, maybe 30 – 60 minutes. As well as providing Motivation, this will also help you with “How long to Exercise”, because when your Music is finished, so has your Workout.

    When your Music Set is finished, then you can change to a Cool-down Set and do some Stretching or Flexibility moves, this will keep you Supple and aid in Recovery. Choose some slower beat, relaxing Music (110 - below bpm) for 10 – 15 minutes, this can be of immense benefit and a great way to end your Workout.

    You can take advantage of some fantastic prerecorded Workout Music CD's on the market that will incorporate,

  • A WARM-UP.
  • You'll find that this type of CD will save you time, just put it on and your set to start. Everything that you have to consider when you do a D.I.Y Music Compilation is done for you.

    The only disadvantage I find is that the Music on these CD's is not generally recorded by the original Artists. So that can be a little off putting at first, but in saying that, you will get used to it. And they do serve their purpose perfectly.

    If you would like to use your Workout Music to accompany your Aerobic activities in the home and for example, you are doing Abs Crunches, "What speed of Music should you have playing?"

    You could listen to Music with a beat of between 100 – 126 per minute. This would provide the appropriate pace to follow for that exercise.

    I have included for you a Workout Music,Beats per Minute Table,this will give you Guidelines for choosing the appropriate Music that will suit your Activities. You will find that having the correct Beats per Minute works well in helping control your Pace and Intensity for Different Activities.


    WARM-UP129 – 138 bpm
    LOW IMPACT134 – 144 bpm
    JUMP 148 – 156 bpm
    RUN 160 – 174 bpm
    ABDOMINAL 100 – 126 bpm
    WEIGHTS 100 -134 bpm
    COOL-DOWN 110 – below

    When you take advantage of these Guidelines and Workout within your capabilities you will be able to reap the benefits and enjoyment of having your own "Workout with Music".

    Furthermore studies have shown that when the appropriate Music is chosen for your Workout, the effectiveness and intensity will be improved and with it your Performance. Because as you know when you listen to Music that you didn't like, your Mood will drop and with it your Enthusiasm.

    workout music

    So you can do it,“HAVE SOME FUN, MIX IT UP & ENJOY IT!” Because that's what having a great Workout is all about.

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