Shoulder Workout Routines


These Shoulder Workout Routines will target your Deltoid Muscle Group. The Muscles that make up this region are:

  • Anterior Deltoid (Front of Shoulder Muscle Fibres)
  • Medial Deltoid (Top of Shoulder Muscle Fibres)
  • Posterior Deltoid (Back of Shoulder Muscle Fibres)
  • The Deltoid is not made up of three separate Muscles working in conjunction with each other but one Muscle that is called a “Multipennate” Muscle that completely covers the Shoulder Joint. It has numerous oblique Muscle fibres arranged along many tendons.

    When you move your arm, at the Shoulder Joint,it is dependent on which direction your Arm moves to stimulate the required Muscle fibres in your Deltoid.

    shoulder muscles

    deltoid muscles


    The Deltoid has its points of Origin on the Outside third of the Clavicle (Collar Bone) and the top edge of the Scapula (Shoulder Blade). Its Insertion is on the Humerus (Long Bone from the Shoulder to Elbow).


    Any movement that brings your Arm up and away from your sides involves the Deltoids (this movement is called “Lateral Abduction”). The Deltoid can also, depending on which Fibres are stimulated, Rotate the Humerus (Circular Twists of your Arm).

    Basically the Deltoid moves your Upper Arm in different directions, depending on your body’s position in relation to gravity (Standing or Lying).



    The Workouts for the Shoulders can be considered both Isolation and Compound Exercises because the Skeletal System (Skeleton) will call upon other Major Muscle Groups to assist or stabilize in some movements

    Note that during the Movements that involve Pressing the Arm above your Head (Seated and Standing Shoulder Press) your Tricep Muscles will assist and during the Upright Row Workout your Biceps will assist.


    The Balls and Bands recommended ”Shoulder Workout Routines” are:

  • Resistance Band Standing Shoulder Press.
  • Resistance Band Seated Shoulder Press.
  • Resistance Band Side Lateral Raises.
  • Resistance Band Single Arm Lateral Raise.
  • Resistance Band Front Raises.
  • Resistance Band Up-right Rows.
  • Side-pulls on Exercise Ball.
  • Rotator Cuff Side Pulls
  • Shoulder Shrugs

  • Your Shoulders also get a Workout when you Exercise your Chest and Back, as they are Assisting and Stabilizing Muscles for these two major Muscle Groups.

    swiss ball

    You can perform these Workouts in either a Standing or Seated Position. The important point to remember is to always have your Torso in a supported, balanced position while doing these Workouts.

    Always ”Workout Safely” using your common sense and proper technique, remembering ”Position and Posture”.

    These Workouts really emphasize the Shoulder Region and you will feel it.

    swiss ball

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