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resistance bands

RESISTANCE BANDS are the most versatile Resistance Training method that you will find! Now there's a statement, but I can honestly say that these Elasticized Bands will give you a great Workout. And here's why...

They can come under various names like, Power Bands, Exercise Tubes, Exercise Bands, etc. But no matter what their name, they all offer the same form of Elasticized Resistance Training.

Firstly lets clarify the term “RESISTANCE TRAINING”. Resistance Training is a term used to describe any type of Exercise Regime, that requires the Body’s Musculature System (Muscles) to move against a form of opposing force, for example free weights, machines or RESISTANCE BANDS.

Your Muscle Fibres cannot differentiate between the types of Resistances offered. They will continually work against the Resistance as long as they are exposed to it and adapt accordingly with increases in Muscle Strength, Tone and Lean Muscle Mass (Muscular Hypertrophy) or whichever Training Technique you follow.


The advantage that RESISTANCE BANDS offer over more traditional equipment, such as Machines or Free weights, is that they have a continual variance in their Resistance, through a Muscles full Range of Motion (R.O.M.) in any given Exercise.

This simply means that the resistance offered by the Bands during a Workout continually changes because of the elasticity (stretch) in the Bands.

Therefore during a Workout, lets say a “Standing Bicep Curl”, as your arm flexes (bends at the elbow) and the Band is lengthened, the resistance is changing throughout the entire movement, forcing your Muscle (Bicep) to work harder through its full contraction.

Unlike free weights for example, where it is a preset weight (and will not change) and the maximum effort involved during a “Standing Bicep Curl” is when the your arm (or lever) is at 90 degrees at the elbow. After that point in the movement the lever angle (elbow joint) is less and therefore easier to move.

And you'll find that this principle is the same for every Resistance Exercise, no matter if the Muscle is being worked through a Concentric Contraction or an Eccentric Contraction.

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resistance bands


The Bands offer Workout possibilities that more traditional equipment cannot. When you use weights or an exercise machine you can be restricted with your range of motion because the equipment usually dictates where you start and finish. But with Resistance Bands you can duplicate the moves required for a particular activity and specifically workout those muscles involved. They offer unrestricted freedom of movement against a resistance.

Resistance Bands can set you free from the restrictions of traditional equipment by offering you these fantastic advantages:

  • There is no momentum and therefore less chance of injury.
  • You no longer have to adapt your movements to the equipments limitations.
  • You can target a Sport Specific Movement like swimming or tennis for example.This is where you can set up the Resistance Bands to mimic the movements and target those specific muscles with a resistance.
  • Any Age and Ability can use the Bands. This is because the Bands offer Light, Medium and Heavy Resistances. These can be differentiated by the thickness and length of the Band. Also most companies that make the Bands will offer different colors, but keep in mind there is no universal color coding across all tensions (elasticity) and all manufacturers.
  • The Bands offer a continual variance in their resistance due to their elasticity over the entire movement of an Exercise.
  • Simplicity of use. There are no cables and pulleys or pins to adjust and change. No large variety of weights required to keep changing settings. And as a bonus, you don’t need a lot of space.
  • The Bands are light in weight and can store and pack extremely easily. This makes it ideal to take your training program anywhere. Using the Bands means you don’t have to miss out on your usual Workout Routines when you are away from home or on vacation.
  • Their cost outlay when compared to traditional Exercise Equipment is outstanding. Similar results can be achieved by using any form of Resistance equipment, but with Resistance Bands their cost to results ratio is EXCEPTIONAL.


    There are basically two types of Resistance Bands on the market.

    • The first is a basic colored rubber strap. They do not have handles for grip, you have to wrap the ends around your hands or place them under your feet to use them. They are color coded for their tension and come as either a strip or in a loop. This style of band is often used in rehabilitation therapy.
    • The second style is the more traditional variety that has handles fitted to both ends. These too will come in varied lengths and tensions and of course colors.

      The handles make the use of this style far more comfortable and inline with more traditional Resistance Equipment, for example Weights. Some manufacturers even supply sets where you can remove the handles from the ends of the Bands.

      Now it's possible to easily change Bands or use multiple Bands at the same time. And have attachments that fit onto your ankle for Leg Workouts, or anchored (doors) to duplicate overhead Workouts or for Back Workouts.


  • Make certain that there is no damage to the Bands before their use. Look out for any nicks or cuts to the latex rubber. Check the handles are secure and in an A1 condition and that there are no cracks or damage to the grips.
  • When you are using any sort of attachment, to door jams or poles, ensure that it is also in an A1 condition and is securely fastened to its location. You don’t want to see a fully stretched Band break from its anchor point and come flying towards you.
  • This is the same precaution for any Resistance Exercise and that is to not use too great a Resistance (weight) compared to your abilities. Always work up to greater Resistances as your technique and strength progress. In this way you will ensure proper form and significantly reduce your risk of injury.

  • These little Wonders of the Workout World may look as though they don't pack much of a punch, but don't be fooled,

    RESISTANCE BANDS are as effective or better than other traditional equipment on the market.

    And from my experience I can see that they offer exceptional versatility and EXCELLENT RESULTS.

    I have been involved with Personal Fitness and Exercise for many years and have seen different Exercise theories and practices come and go. But Resistance Training has proven itself to be the very essence of Building Strength, Tone and Muscular Endurance for all forms of Fitness and Sporting activities.

    And I advocate and recommend the use of RESISTANCE BANDS in my Workout Routines to effectively reach your FULL POTENTIAL.

    The Best System that I have found is Bodylastics, they are by far, the premium RESISTANCE BAND WORKOUT SYSTEM on the market. With close to 250,000 sold and used by people from all walks of life, this system has and is helping people, just like you get into shape they want and stay that way.

    Used and endorsed by,

  • Personal Trainers
  • Sporting Teams
  • Law Enforcement
  • Professional Athletes
  • and even,

  • Mainstream Gymnasiums

  • It offers flexibility and versatility with its system of connecting Resistance Bands, where you can use numerous Bands simultaneously to increase your total resistance.

    Bodylastics also has attachments that can assist you in targeting specific Muscle Groups so it’s easy to have an optimum FULL BODY WORKOUT at home.

    Bodylastics is a complete Training System that compliments the philosophy of and that is why I use and recommend them.

    Think about what is stopping you. Only you can stand in your way. You cannot change without change. You can experience the rewards and benefits yourself by simply clicking on any link.

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