Relaxation Techniques
Harness the Power of your Mind

Are you able to relax, truly relax, or would you benefit from learning some Relaxation Techniques? The ability to relax and de-stress is something a lot of us cannot do properly. We might just sit and do nothing but this is not a Relaxation Technique in itself. Correct Relaxation Practices need to be learnt and performed to be effective, just the same as your Workout Routines need to be done regularly to be beneficial.

We all respond differently to both physical and mental stress but there are techniques and relaxation exercises that we can put into place to help alleviate or reduce the impact of these responses. Having the ability to relax can help restore a balance in your system. What I mean by this is, especially after a Workout, you can take the opportunity to lower your breathing and heart rate and consciously loosen up your Muscles.

The perfect time for this is during your post Workout Cool Down. You could incorporate a Relaxation practice after you stretch. This could be as simple as laying on the floor, concentrating on relaxing your entire body, closing your eyes and deep breathing.

Lets take a look at some Relaxation Techniques that you could practice,

  • To get the full benefit of this practice you need to take deep, full breathes from your abdominal region. Breathing in through your nose and exhaling from your mouth, breath in an amount that is comfortable, don’t over do it.

    Closing your eyes shuts out the world around you and you can concentrate on your breathing. Once you become accustom to this technique, you could include some visualization to deepen your relaxation, nearly akin to Meditation.

  • Harnessing the power of the mind is a wonderful thing. You have the ability to use your minds eye and take yourself anywhere you would like to be.

    For instance you could see yourself near a cascading crystal clear Waterfall and looking up through the rays of the Sun, a rainbow arches overhead in a kaleidoscope of color. The spray of mist tickles your skin, while the cooling water laps at your bare feet.

    I’m sure you get the picture it’s about escaping the moment and finding whatever setting you enjoy the most.

  • This practice involves the tensing and relaxing of certain Muscle Groups throughout your body. It promotes Muscle awareness giving you the knowledge of where you may be tense.

    Starting with your feet, you would contract the Muscles of either foot for approximately 10 seconds, then totally relax the contraction and concentrate on the feeling of tension flowing away.

    This technique is then repeated along your entire body. From your,

  • Right Foot.
  • Left Foot.
  • Right Calf.
  • Left Calf.
  • Upper Right Leg.
  • Upper Left Leg.
  • Buttocks.
  • Abdominals and Lower Back.
  • Chest and Shoulders.
  • Meditation is the practice of concentrating on your breathing and clearing your mind. You only concentrate on your breathing. In through the nose and out through your mouth, listening to your breathing, that’s all you hear. No outside distractions, it’s just you and your breath (Don't use the Visualization Technique).

    Firstly find a quiet place that puts you at ease. Sit in a comfortable position with good posture, either in a chair or on the floor.

    Now concentrate on your breathing (I find it easier with my eyes closed, but some people like to concentrate their attention on a certain point). Now you will be listening to your breathing, but you will get different thoughts jump into your head. This is only natural and when is happens let the thought drift away and return to listening to your breathing.

    It may take some time to master, but having the ability to Meditate and find true relaxation can be the secret key to unlock inner peace.

    These are only a handful of Relaxation Techniques well worth trying.

    You could also try, with some instruction,





    The important thing here is to choose a technique that suits your needs and that you’ll find soothing, obviously it has to work for you. But I encourage you to try all of these Relaxation Techniques and compare. The perfect time is during your Post Workout Cool Down with some slow, soft music in the background.

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    There is one more, and this is my favorite of all the Relaxation Techniques, I personally use it, and have for years. It’s what I have called ”RELAX-ERCISE”. I like to incorporate at least one Relax-ercise session in a week.

    Relax-ercising is all about doing an activity that you ENJOY, it might be:





    It’s all about being active without realizing it. Having Fun and a little Exercise at the same time. It is a great way to spend one of your rest days (I like to make it a Sunday) and purely do something you enjoy. You can also use it as an incentive to get through your Workouts during the week, knowing that you can have a "Day of Play" and escape the daily grind.

    I am hoping you will be able to use these practices not only after a Workout but also during your day when issues get a little heavy. With enough practice you will be able to relax your body and mind on command.

    No more clenched teeth, no more rubbing your temples and no more headaches. You see, all of these techniques are not only good for Cooling Down after a Workout, but a fantastic way to relieve your daily stress levels that we all sometimes feel.

    Stress reduction is something that we would all like to have, the ability to recognize the moment and keep our emotions in check.

    Less Anxiety and less Tension, now there’s something money can’t buy.

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