What is your Personal Goal?
How will you Achieve It?

Many of us head down the road towards a PERSONAL GOAL without any real direction. It is fantastic to challenge yourself and to get out of your comfort zone, but without a plan, a direction, as with any journey you need a path to follow.

It doesn't matter "What the Goal" is either, some of us see the finish line and don't take enough notice of the journey ahead. So when we get started we are inspired and fired up to conquer the challenge that we have set. Nevertheless it doesn’t take some of us long to either get lost on our way or give up altogether because it just seems too hard.

Our Enthusiasm can wane because we had no real idea of how much time and effort may be necessary to even start to see some results. Sometimes the realization that it may take longer than first thought can stop us from reaching our full and ultimate potential.

Please remember that Personal Goals are all about the Journey and not just the Destination and that’s the same for your journey through Life. Enjoy it and as they say “Stop and Smell the Roses”.

It is absolutely fantastic to have Goals in our lives and there is probably as many Goals in this world, as there are people. But a great percentage of these Goals go unfulfilled because there was no path laid out to reach or achieve them. Sometimes due to inexperience we underestimate what is required to reach our Life's Goals. There are endless distractions that can slow us down or stop us altogether.

But when a Plan is laid out before hand and there is a clear path to follow and an understanding of what is required, then any Personal Goal is possible, let me repeat that "Any Personal Goal is possible". One step at a time, the key is staying focused, taking pride along the way, and as time passes you will get ever closer to your final destination,


number 1 Setting Goals can be a very important factor in your Life.

If you don't have a Personal Goal your time and Life can sometimes feel aimless and time can pass quickly.

You’re just passing the days. But setting a Personal Goal gives us Meaning, Direction, a Purpose and it doesn’t matter what your Goal is, that’s just it, it’s Personal.

They're all equally as important, not one better than another.

It is yours too CHASE, too CONQUER and too take PRIDE in.

So seeing that you are here at balls-and-bands-workouts, I would have to say that your Goal is Fitness orientated. So it doesn't matter whether you want to Lose Weight, Tone up, get Stronger or increase your Fitness.

By making the most of the information on this Website, you will be able to draw up a plan to follow, no matter what your Personal Fitness Goal may be.

You can discover different options for you to try in Workout Routines . There you can learn and decide "What is best for you". The main thing here is to understand that without a Plan (Program / Workout Routine) to follow, chances are that you too may not make it to your Goal.

Please understand that having a Workout Routine to follow and tracking your progress is a crucial part of your Success. It will help boost your Motivation and keep you excited and on track. You will have a clear and focused vision of what Workouts to perform and which Body Part is being exercised.

By the way it is a great idea to keep a Journal. It can be a small reminder of all the Great Achievements that you have made along the way. It can also be a fantastic source of information for you on progress. Think about it, you can map out,

  • What Exercises or Activities were enjoyable?
  • Was it in the Morning or Afternoon that you had your Workout?
  • How did you feel during your Workout.
  • What did you eat during the day?
  • etc...
  • I am sure that you get the picture. There is a myriad of personal information that you can use to inspire yourself if the going gets tough.

    At times we can take Personal growth and change for granted, you can easily forget what it took to get there and it is great to be able to look back and see how far you have come.

    It's a great idea to give yourself a pat on the back occasionally.

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  • You must have a genuine intention to change your situation and strive for your Goals, or you will simply revert back to your old habits. You need to be inspired, that is what will drive you.
  • See yourself at your Goal, your Achievement. Now visualize the steps that you will need to take yourself there. Break these steps down into achievable smaller Goals, this can increase your Motivation and Enthusiasm with each of them that you complete.
  • Each smaller Goal should be attainable. Don’t aim to high and miss. Keep it realistic and know your capabilities. This will stop negative thoughts and give you momentum.
  • Keep it simple and focus on one smaller goal, at one time. Before you realize it you will be ticking them off your list and reaching your personal summit.
  • Don’t dismiss the importance of writing down these steps and tracking your Achievements. Make a List.
  • Give yourself positive messages. Constantly tell yourself that you can and will make it. Don't listen to the negative that may come your way.

    When you do your BEST, you will be your BEST, it is that SIMPLE.

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