Motivation it's your "Driving Force"

A major contributing factor to your ULTIMATE SUCCESS is to find "YOUR MOTIVATION". Being Motivated to keep striving is paramount in reaching your Goal. It is the Essential ingredient that you need to drive you onward and without it you will not even get started.

One definition is;the internal condition that activates behaviour and gives it direction, directs goal-oriented behaviour, stimulus or desire.

There is no magic answer to Success. People who succeed in any venture in life, don’t need to be the smartest or the best in their chosen field. What they can do is surround themselves with support. They will look up to mentors and follow their example and they will set themselves Goals.

You will be uninspired without Enthusiasm. It is the spark that keeps your flame alight to guide you towards your Goal.

It might sound like a cliche but Motivation and Enthusiasm are so vitally important to your Personal Success.

Without working on developing both of these personal attributes you will not grow.

Picture in your minds eye "Where you want to be", "What results you want to achieve" and reach for it. And what's more you can do this visualization practice, with any facet of your life.

You and only you, hold the key to your SUCCESS!
You can experience the rewards for yourself.

Like the Nike anthem states

"Just Do It!"

I place MOTIVATION as the Number One Link in a "THREE LINK PLAN" to Achieve your Goals and live a Healthy, Fit Lifestyle. It is an Essential ingredient to your Success. Number two is DIET AND NUTRITION and Number three is your WORKOUT ROUTINES.

I have found that it is a progression. Your Motivation to do something or Achieve a Goal needs to be in constant change. As you reach a Goal you will need to set yourself a new Goal and that will help you to keep moving forward. And therefore help you find new sources of Enthusiasm to fuel your progress.

If you do not change your focus or look towards new Goals, as you progress, you will plateau (stay at a certain level) and lose momentum and your Enthusiasm will drop.

You see this is where some people will not focus on their Goals and they can forget all of the good work and effort that they have put in place to get where they are. They can feel that it is all too hard and at this point can give up.

I admit that some days it just won’t feel easy to be Motivated to Exercise. You can be tired and have no Enthusiasm, this is only natural. I’d rather that you skip a day, review your accomplishments and build some Enthusiasm and run with it again at your next Workout. Instead of trying to push through a Workout with a poor attitude and increasing a chance of injury and gaining nothing for your efforts.

This can begin an attitude of resentment towards your Workouts and when you think about your Workouts, they will feel like a burden. This becomes a downward cycle of neglecting your Workouts, missing another one here and there and before you realize weeks have past and you haven't done a thing and can't be bothered to try.

Don't let this be your stumbling block, just keep working away at your own pace, remember that it's not a race to be first, but a chance for you to be your BEST.

Be Enthusiastic not just about your Goals but also with your Life. Look inside yourself and see that all you need is within you. You have what it takes to Succeed; You are no different to any other person that has reached great heights. All they have done is harness their knowledge, stayed Motivated and focused on their Goal.

And so can You.

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You can live your dream

Repeat after me, “I have the Ability and Desire to do my best in all my endeavours in my life”. Believe the truth that “Enthusiasm recognizes that all things are possible and that you can make your dreams a reality”.

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Tips to help you stay Motivated

  • Write your Goal down, make a Plan. Simply committing your Goal to paper is an important first step.
  • Take some time each day to see where you want to be. Imagine yourself there and have the knowledge that it is possible. Because? You can do it!
  • Break your Major Goal down to realistic smaller goals. And use these as stepping-stones towards your goal.
  • Keep a journal. Write down your feelings and thoughts on a regular basis. You can refer back to these pages for inspiration. It is easy to forget how far you have travelled.
  • Reward yourself along the way. Spoil yourself and have a massage, something just for you.
  • Don’t let your fears stop you from trying. Believe in yourself. Be your Best.
  • Don’t listen to negative thoughts from yourself or negative talk from others.
  • Have the right attitude. Sure you will have some setbacks, but do not look at these as obstacles but as a learning opportunity and move forward. Think Positively. You have the Power.
  • Read these tips everyday. Write them down, read them, and use them. Stay focused.

    Never underestimate your abilities, when you have Motivation and Enthusiasm.

    Keep it enjoyable, make it fun and smile.

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    Motivational Quotes

  • “Never, never, never, never give up". Winston Churchill.
  • "Obstacles can’t stop you. Problems can’t stop you. Most of all other people can’t stop you. Only you can stop you". Jeffery Gitomer.
  • "Others may stop you temporarily; you are the only one that can stop you permanently". Zig Ziglar.
  • "We all have ability. The difference is how we use it". Stevie Wonder.
  • "Love what you do. Do what you love". Wayne Dyer.
  • "Act enthusiastic and you become enthusiastic". Dale Carnegie.

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