Intermediate Workout Routines

Intermediate Workout Routines are the next step towards your Fitness and Exercise Goal.

Congratulations on your progress,

By now you will have had a few weeks of Workouts under your belt and you are more accustom to the feel of the Workouts and are more experienced and stronger to handle the next step.

Of course the Beginner Workout Routines were a basic starting point helping you learn “How to follow a Program” and understand the fundamentals. You should be familiar with the following,

  • Correct Breathing Techniques.
  • Correct Posture and Positioning.
  • The importance of Warm-ups and Cool-downs.
  • Be familiar with Exercises, covering different Body Parts.
  • Your base Muscle Strength and Tone would have improved to the point that you can now progress to an Intermediate Level. This stage of your Workout progression will introduce,

  • An introduction of Exercises with greater difficulty.
  • An introduction of multiple Exercises for each Body Part.
  • A reduction in Rest Periods between Exercises.
  • An introduction of different Training Techniques.

  • Click here for more information on "Training Techniques".

    With the introduction of more Exercises within your Workout Routines the time needed will increase, to offset this you can use a different training method. You can perform a training principle called a 2 day Split Routine. Of course if time is not an issue you can still perform a Total Body Workout using a 1 Day Routine.

    This time instead of doing a full body Workout every second day, with a rest day in between, you can split up your Exercises and perform a full body Workout over 2 days. Therefore you could concentrate on your Chest, Back, Shoulders and Abdominals on Day ! and Day 4 and do your Legs (Upper and Lower), Arms (Biceps and Triceps) and Abdominals on Day 2 and Day 5. Your Rest Days would be Day 3, Day 6 and Day 7.

    Obviously this is just an example and you can use your days to suit your schedule.

    Now lets look at an Intermediate Workout Routine that incorporates a 2-Day Split format.

    Intermediate Workout Routine
    Day 1 – Day 4
    Body PartExerciseSetsRepsLoadNotes
    ChestPush-ups2 - 315 - 20Body Weight
    ChestUpright Flyes2 - 310 - 12resistance Band
    Back (Lower)Hyperextensions 22 - 310 - 12Body Weight*
    Back (Upper)Seated Rows2 - 310 - 12Resistance Band
    ShouldersLateral Raises2 - 310 - 12Resistance Band
    ShouldersOverhead Press2 - 310 - 12Resistance Band
    AbdominalsCrunches2 - 315 - 20Body Weight*
    AbdominalsOblique Crunches2 - 315 - 20Body Weight

    Intermediate Workout Routine
    Day 2 – Day 5
    Body PartExerciseSetsRepsLoadNotes
    Legs (Upper)Ball Squats2 - 310 - 15Body Weight*
    Legs (Upper)Hamstring Roll2 - 310 - 15Body Weight*
    Legs (Lower)Calf Raises2 - 320 - 25Body Weight
    BicepStanding Curls2 - 310 - 12Resistance Band
    BicepPreacher Curls2 - 310 - 12Resistance Band
    TricepDips2 - 310 - 15Body Weight*
    TricepOverhead Extensions2 - 310 - 12Resistance Band
    AbdominalsBall Crunches2 - 315 - 20Body Weight*

  • Your "Rest Days" are on Day 3, Day 6 and Day 7.
  • Please Note; the term “Body Weight*” refers to the use of your Body in conjunction with your Exercise Ball. And as with the Beginners Workout Routines, the Resistance Bands selected for the Exercises should only allow you to perform the required amount of Reps (with correct form) and not greater.

    Just a reminder that you can easily change the Resistance in your Bands (and therefore the difficulty), by shortening the length of the Band used in an Exercise. This will increase the elasticity between the anchor point and the handle and increase the resistance.

    Give this Intermediate Workout Routine a try! Notice that the structure is the same, with the principle of Large Muscle Groups used in priority of Smaller Muscle Groups. Shorten your Rest Periods between each Exercise to place more emphasis on the Muscles being worked.

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    FREE PRINTABLE, INTERMEDIATE WORKOUTS" that you can use in conjunction with the Exercises on this Website.


    Right-click to download this PDF file here.


    Right-click to download this PDF file here.

    You are free to use these Workout Routines as they are or you may choose to adjust them to suit your requirements by substituting Exercises. THE CHOICE IS YOURS.

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    For variety you could introduce the use of a Circuit Based Workout where you can select one Resistance Exercise per Body Part and perform repetitions in a timed sequence, separating each Exercise with an Aerobic Exercise. This type of Workout introduces an Aerobic element to increase your Fitness.

    Please note that I would only recommend a duration of approximately 30 minutes using this type of Workout at home when you first commence. After you become more accustom to the Intensity you can either add more Exercises or increase your duration at each station.

    You would require a Timer of some description to indicate when to change stations, I would recommend 60 – 90 seconds per station. This type of Workout greatly lends itself to Music, so slip on your MP3 player and go with the beat or what's even better, play a Workout CD, then you have no worries with headphones and wires.

    And these CD's are recorded especially to suit a purpose their beats per minute gradually increases and decrease depending on their target training zone.

    If you would like more information on "Workout Music". Just click here.

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