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Inline Skating or Rollerblading (this is a brand name), which it is sometimes referred too, offers a great alternative to your more traditional forms of Cardio Training. With total interaction between your major muscle groups (legs and core) and your coordination (balance), this form of recreational activity will give you the opportunity of an excellent workout.

Some people may not find Jogging or Running to their liking due to their lack of initial fitness or the repetitive foot strike (impact) associated with these activities. But you’ll find that Inline Skating can provide a non-impact Cardio Training environment, which still places a strong emphasis on your legs and buttocks.

You’ll also discover that due to the extra balance factor that is involved, the concentration you apply to your movements and posture is much greater. This in turn increases your coordination function and allows for better balance.

And unlike some other Cardio activities such as Cycling and Swimming (which are both excellent choices) Inline Skating requires you to support your body weight during the activity. This places an increased intensity on your training heart rate and the working muscles involved.


Once you choose your Skates and safety equipment (Click here for information in “Fitness Gear”) you’ll require lessons. Lessons are a great investment and some outlets that supply inline skates also provide lessons, either with your skates or at a small additional charge.

You’ll receive tuition on a variety of techniques such as:

  • How to stand in your skates.
  • The correct way to start.
  • The correct way to stop (this is very important!)
  • How to balance your center of gravity.
  • How to fall correctly (there is a right way)
  • How to get back up after a fall.
  • Basically provide you with the correct starting point where you can progress with your skating and make the most of it.


    You may be new to Inline Skating or an old hand, but either way these tips will steer you in the right direction or remind you to break some old habits.

  • Maintain your Skates regularly, after every use check that your axle screws are tight, that there is no damage to any wheels, etc… A quick going over will ensure that your skates last a long time and that they’re always ready to go.
  • Inspect the wheels for wear. Rotate the wheels to increase their life and to ensure that you have the best grip. Your local store can show you how or do it for you.
  • Always ensure that your safety gear is in an A1 condition and wear it.
  • Locate a flat, smooth location, free of stones and rocks, where you can put your new skills to good use.
  • Keep your weight centred and your knees slightly bent. This helps you absorb any shocks and undulations in the surface. And is a great help with your balance.
  • The direction in which you look, is where you will go, this is a fact. If you look at the object that you don’t want to hit, chances are you’ve increased your risk of hitting it. You have to concentrate on “Where you want to go” and look in that direction and your body will follow.
  • Keep your arm movements to a minimum. Concentrate on even and balanced propulsion with your legs. If you hold your arms out or swing them around they will put you off balance and increase your chance of falling.
  • Spend quality time in your skates, not just wearing them, but rolling in and becoming accustom to them. All you need is practice and enthusiasm and before long you will feel as one with your skates. This will build a strong foundation to learn new skills and tricks.
  • Most areas have Inline Skating Groups that meet and skate on a regular basis. These groups are great for learning new techniques and sharing a common interest with like minded people.

  • Once you’ve increased your skills, Inline Skating offers different variants for different tastes.

    You can try Aggressive Skating that includes moves like grinds, slides, jumps and flips usually performed in public areas or Skate Parks. This style of skating is aimed at the more adventurist risk takers out there (basically generation X).

    Speed Skating and Racing is another option for you to choose. Contact your local associations for club details and events.

    Inline Figure Skating and Inline Hockey are flat land hybrids of these traditional winter sports. For more information you can contact your local associations for club details and events.

    Inline Skating is exhilarating, exciting, thrilling and most of all fun. Practice and Persistence pays dividends and you will get back more than you put in with increased fitness and coordination.

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