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Indo Boards are an exciting and innovative approach to Fitness, Training and Workouts, used by both professional athletes and people from all walks of life. The Boards offer a challenging environment where your Coordination and Reflexes are called into play and sharpened.

The use of these Boards will, no doubt develop better Balance and Coordination due to the increased use of your Central Nervous System (gross motor skills and coordination). You will be able to develop stronger Mind to Muscle nerve connections (Neuromuscular integration) with regular use and training.

But that's not all, there is also an increased feeling of Muscle awareness (positioning), which has been proven to assist in Injury Rehabilitation and the Strengthening of Muscles and Joints.

The Indo Board offers this distinct advantage without having to use or adjust any extra Load or Resistance to achieve it. Their simple yet effective design is used and recommended by a myriad of sports people to assist them with their training.

Sports such as,

  • Surfing
  • Skateboarding
  • Snow and Water Skiing
  • Skating
  • Kite boarding
  • Windsurfing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Martial Arts
  • and many more…
  • Have all incorporated the use of an Indo Board to compliment their Workouts or used during the off season to keep their reflexes sharp and in tune.

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    Introducing an "Indo Board Balance Trainer" into a traditional Workout Routine adds a dynamic dimension and challenge to further enhance your experience. It's benefits are in line with that of an Exercise Ball, where the emphasis is placed on Position and Posture. The difference being that it is very difficult to stand on an Exercise Ball (and not recommended)

    When you look at a basic Squat movement on a stable surface is relatively easy for most able-bodied people to perform but add the Indo Board into this movement and the intrinsic instability it offers changes this Exercise dramatically.

    What happens is a greater emphasis is placed on the working Muscles and Joints of the Legs, especially the ankles, where they are constantly adjusting to keep a balanced stance. Also your Core Strength Muscles of the Abdominals and Lower Back are called upon to stabilize your torso and are continually contracted isometrically for support.

    You cannot perform any Standing Leg Workouts on an Exercise Ball but on the Indo Board you can. Squats, Lunges, Calf raises can all be enhanced with its introduction. This ever changing training environment keeps your Muscles working with continuous Isometric contractions.

    And what's more this is true for any Exercise that the Indo Board is used in conjunction with, Push-ups, Dips the list goes on and on. The Board especially works well when used in conjunction with RESISTANCE BANDS.

    You can plainly see that it is easy to ride an Indo Board and if I can do it, what's stopping you?

    You'll experience and benefit from a total Mind and Muscle Workout.

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    The basic Balance Board have been in existence for many years. Over time the materials used in their manufacture may have changed from different types of Wood to lightweight materials, but its form and function has stood the test of time and did you know,


    Yes, there are two main types,

  • the traditional of the two, this board only allows for movement through one plane (laterally). The Fulcrum is not fixed but a Roller shape that runs along the base of the board moving its center of gravity.

    This Roller runs across the full length of the board, usually on a center guide to prevent the board from twisting or turning off its axis. The person riding shifts their weight allowing the board to roll over the center of the fulcrum, moving the fulcrum from one end of the board to the other. This added first degree of instability offers a greater challenge to the rider.

  • Traditionally would have a circular or oval base with a fulcrum fixed in the center. This allows for movement in 360 degrees, tilting both backwards and forwards, as well as laterally, side to side. The larger the fulcrum the greater the angle between the board and the ground, thus allowing for greater movement and a higher degree of difficulty.

    But what's even better the Fulcrun Design from Indo Boards is ingenious because it’s inflatable, so depending on the amount of inflation used, this will dictate the degree of difficulty. Lower inflation gives a more stable feel, to fully inflated where you have a high degree of instability and challenge.

    This is only a basic outline of the types of Indo Boards that are used and by changing the fulcrum height or the board’s length you will also change the instability that the board has to offer.


    PHYSICAL AND SPORT TRAINING: Sports that require a certain degree of balance can use the Balance Board (Wobble, Roller Rocker) as a device for training. For example, Surfing, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Skating, etc can all introduce the use of a balance board to supplement their training during the off-season or between events.

    REHABILITATION: The use of the balance board can assist with rehabilitation after injury, especially in the lower limbs (Knee and Ankles). The use of a Wobble Board for instance, could strengthen muscles and assist in the connection between the mind and muscles, developing neural links specific to balance and coordination.

    ENTERTAINMENT: We've all seen them Jugglers, Clowns and alike have kept us enthralled and amazed with their antics and daredevil abilities on Balance Boards (Roller Rocker).

    From balancing at dizzying heights to throwing and catching numerous objects, high in the air all while standing on the unpredictable balance board. We have been mesmerised and entertained by their ability and coordination to pull off their astounding stunts.

    EXERCISE: The introduction of a Balance Board into a Workout Session can put a whole new perspective on many Exercises. The degree of difficulty is compounded when you perform Exercises such as Squats, Push-ups or Lunges.

    Many traditional Exercises can be transformed with the addition of the Balance Board (Wobble Board) and as with the board's use in Rehabilitation, it introduces a greater emphasis on the working Muscles without any adding any additional load.

    The Boards come in different lengths and widths, with many designs and colors from which to choose.

    Various Roller diameters (fulcrum) give you the ability to progress and add variety. There are also Cool Carry Bags, so you can take the Indo Board Balance Trainer anywhere.

    Their use is not dictated by the Weather, Time, Season or Location, they're totally Universal and "FUN IN ANY LANGUAGE".


    Indo Boards have evolved into a Sport in their own right, where they are not only a challenging device to master, but where individuals perform amazing feats of balance.

    Accomplished riders can execute remarkable tricks like, spinning, jumping (Ollie), turning and twisting, all with fancy footwork that can leave you speechless. Their split second reflexes and no doubt, hours of practice and enjoyment, give them the ability to do the unbelievable.

    But the really great thing is that we all don’t need to be able to do these astounding tricks to get the full enjoyment and benefits from riding an Indo Board.

    The greatest feature is there are no age restrictions or gender barriers, anyone young or old can challenge themselves to the rewarding and amazing world of the,


    All you have to do to take advantage of the fun and versatility that the Indo Board offers, is to take action and click on any of the links. You'll discover in more detail everything that is on this page and more and you'll find your own opportunity to access the training and personal benefits that await you.

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