Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy Weight Loss means that you need to find a smart way to control your eating and not simply restrict yourself. When you restrict or deprive yourself of certain foods you will inevitably create a craving for these foods that can be resented or satisfied and neither of these outcomes is favourable.

To be successful at controlling or losing weight you need to acknowledge what you eat, when you eat it and why you eat the foods that you do.

Lets look at each in turn and clear the air on Healthy Weight Loss.


  • Obviously the types of foods that you consume throughout your day will reflect on your ability to control your healthy weight loss. High fat and high sugar foods will contribute greatly to a bulging waistline. But why eat high fat and high sugar foods?

    The short answer is easy “they taste good”. These foods feel good on your palette; their creaminess and sweetness can make them, virtually irresistible.

    All you have to do is look at chocolate for a prime example, there are numerous manufacturers offering countless varieties. You get nothing in the way of nutritional value but that doesn’t stop people from consuming it in ever increasing numbers. Now, don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that chocolate should be banned, or any other food for that matter, but keep all things in moderation, your healthy weight loss relies on it.

    When you think about it, all you are doing by giving into your cravings is satisfying your taste buds. Those little flavour sensors on your tongue control your urge, because once you’ve swallowed it, it’s gone. And high fat, high sugar foods will not give you a feeling of fullness and this can lead to overeating, which is only doubling the problem.

    You may also lead a busy lifestyle and your time can feel at a premium. You may juggle this with numerous fast foods to save you time, but all you’re doing is falling into the trap of high fat, high sugar and low nutritional foods once more and these are your mortal enemy when it comes to your health weight loss.

    Weight control and healthy weight loss is a conscience decision, you have to give some thought to what you are going to eat and how much. You ultimately decide what goes into your mouth and the amount as well.

    Traditionally foods that are high in fat and sugar are low in nutritional value. They offer you taste but at a price and are extremely low in vitamins and minerals, the essential building blocks for good health.

    Best of all, the good news is that the foods that are good for you, also taste great. Fresh fruit and vegetables contain all the essential vitamins and minerals necessary for your well-being. Having a varied diet is one of the keys to your success. Giving yourself a variety of choices will assist you in keeping your diet sustainable and achievable for the long term.

    And that's the Secret to Healthy Weight Loss, having an eating habit that's Sustainable. It must be a lifestyle choice. Not a flash in the pan diet plan that you can only force yourself to do for a limited amount of time. Healthy Weight Loss and Weight Control is a long term plan.

    Freshly cooked foods that you have prepared will have higher nutritional value, be better for you, will taste better and you have the satisfaction of doing it for yourself.

    There are also some misguided theories that restricting or abolishing certain foods from your diet will assist in weight loss. For example “The No Carbs Diet” or “Fad Diets” that promote eating an increased amount of a certain food and restricting others.

    These restrictive fad diets don't promote Healthy Weight Loss, these diets are counter productive and will leave you disappointed, thinking that you failed or that your will power is weak and that you're to blame for the failure.

    You can find additional information on Diets and Why they fail on the Diet and Nutrition Page.

    Complex Carbohydrates are your fuel source that gives you energy for all of your activities and should not be limited or restricted from your diet. As for “Fad Diets” they only promote an imbalance in your food intake. These diets usually come from the theory that “a little is good, so a lot will be better”.

    As with most things in your life a balance is needed and that’s exactly what your diet needs to provide you, “a balance”, not an over indulgence or restriction of a particular food.

    This is how you should look at your healthy weight loss and weight control. Not as some type of quick fix, that lasts a few weeks if that and then you revert back to your old habits.

    But as a lifestyle choice and a change that you can easily maintain and incorporates good eating habits.


  • The timing of your eating can also affect your ability to control your weight. Some people will skip meals, especially breakfast, either because they are rushed or think that skipping a meal will help in losing weight. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Your body is a very complex unit that, if you realize it or not, can think for itself. It has a built in survival mechanism and if your body thinks that it is in for an extended period of food deprivation it will slow down your metabolism and conserve what body fat stores it has to survive.

    That’s what skipping meals will do, your body will think that there will be an extended period with limited or no food intake and slow your metabolic rate. And thus storing your body fat as an energy source and it will only use this as a last resort.

    Your best plan of action is to eat regularly and have smaller serving sizes. A proven theory is to eat six smaller meals throughout your day, instead of having the traditional three larger meals. This will keep your metabolism ticking along and also assist in keeping your energy levels high and your blood sugar levels under control.

    Another trap for unchecked eating is to eat foods straight out of the refrigerator or your pantry. Unwanted calories can gain momentum this way because you will usually forget these little indiscretions and let me assure you that these calories can sneak up on you before you know it.


  • When asked, “Why you eat?” your first and natural response would be to say “Survival”.

    This is true, but in a society where food is in abundance, you don’t usually look at your food intake as a survival exercise. The majority of us will look at our food intake as an indulgence, especially with the wide variety that is placed before you everyday and therefore you can be eating too much.

    It has been studied over the years and there is a proven connection between anxiety and stress that can lead to overeating, especially in females. You might use eating as a way of forgetting your problems even if only for a short period of time. The foods that you enjoy will release endorphins that make you feel good and this can lead to a cycle of overeating. You feel depressed, you eat or you worry and you eat and so it goes on.

    This emotional eating cycle is your worst enemy when it comes to controlling your weight. If unchecked your weight will quickly rise and your weight is a lot harder to get off than it is at gaining. If you do fall into this eating pattern, you may feel that you are a failure. You may consider giving into your cravings because you feel that you lack will power.

    Remember that it is never to late to realign your focus and take control once more. You can only consider yourself a failure if you choose to quit. Up until that moment you are still in control of your healthy weight loss.

    You should always keep a check on why you are eating. Is it because you are genuinely hungry? That’s fine even if it is just a healthy snack, but if something is playing on your mind and you need a distraction, you may well be tempted to eat and escape the problem. This is unchecked eating.

    Remember to always ask yourself “Why are you eating?” This will help you pause for a moment and realize that you may be overeating. Don’t resort to emotional eating, instead try writing in a journal what you feel and go for a walk to clear your mind


  • Cutting back on High Fat / High Sugar foods
  • Don’t skip meals
  • Consume smaller meals throughout your day
  • Choose a fresh and healthy alternative
  • Don’t over-eat, watch your serving size
  • Not eating straight from the refrigerator or pantry
  • Not following Fad Diets that will make your weight harder to control
  • Looking for a balance and not abolishing any one food type (i.e. Carbohydrates)
  • Not eating due to stress or anxiety. You need to find the cause and not smother it with food
  • Adding Cardio training into the mix to help you use your unwanted weight as energy.
  • Not eating to simply satisfy your taste buds


    Simply by watching what you eat will easily yield great results. Sounds to easy right, but proper weight control revolves around the types of foods and how much of these foods that you eat during your day.

    At first it may seem tedious to monitor your food intake but it will not take long for you to become familiar with the types of food that you eat and be able to recognize which choice is right for you.

    You may find it helpful at first to join a Healthy Weight Loss Program. You can take control and End Binge Overeating, Find a Life Changing Weight Loss Solution, 12 Week Step by Step Clinically Proven Program. These programs can assist you by giving you the necessary information to educate you in healthy eating habits that can be used your whole life through.

    I would not recommend a program to you that promotes alternative supplements at the expense of healthy fresh foods. You need to find a program that promotes healthy eating and also provides back up if you have questions or need advice. You may need that extra support you get your ball rolling. That little bit of extra incentive to realize that it isn’t as hard as you may think and that you can easily achieve your desired weight when you have the right direction and information.

    And in conjunction with healthy eating is exercise. When you combine these together, they become the key to unlocking your full potential when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Foods high in nutrients and low in fats and sugars will provide all the ingredients for increased energy and vitality, which in turn assist you in doing enjoyable exercise.

    Healthy eating and exercise compliment each other and will make it extremely easy for you to control your weight, no matter what your desire.

    Easy Healthy Weight Loss and Weight Control equates to:

    Utilizing more calories through being active and productive (exercise / work) during your day than the amount of calories that you consume (food) during your day.

    It's that simple.

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