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The term “EXERCISE BALL” is the name given to the Tough, Durable, Colorful, Inflatable, Plastic Vinyl Ball, which has been used for decades in the fields of Exercise and Rehabilitation. The use of the Ball promotes better Motor Skills and Postural Awareness.

It is known by many names including, Swiss Ball, Gym Ball, Workout Ball, Fitness Ball, etc…they are all the same and as you will find, are an excellent addition to your Workout repertoire.

The Balls come in a multitude of Colors, various Sizes and from different manufacturers to cover all requirements.

There is definitely an Exercise Ball that will suit your needs.

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Here are some "EXERCISE BALL TIPS" to assist you in choosing and using your Ball.


Not all Exercise Balls are the same. I would not recommend buying a cheap Exercise Ball (as with most things in life, you get what you pay for). I would recommend that you purchase a good quality, ANTI-BURST (burst resistant), textured Ball.

Don’t buy a Ball that is shiny and smooth, it might look good but it wont be good to Workout with. A Ball with a textured surface of some description, either circular rings or a rough feel is a better choice, better grip and usually these Balls will have a thicker skin.

The term “Burst Resistant” does not mean that the Ball can withstand a puncture, if mistreated all Balls can be punctured. But a good quality Ball will be tougher and more resilient and if, by some chance becomes punctured, will deflate slowly and not rapidly.


As a guideline, when the Ball is fully inflated, you should be able to sit on your Ball and your buttocks and knees should be in alignment with your thighs parallel with the floor.

Sizing will depend on your height. Generally the taller you are, the BIGGER the Ball.

  • If your height is between 4’ 11” – 5’ 5”, you would select a 55cm Ball.
  • If your height is between 5’ 5” - 5’ 10”, you would select a 65cm Ball.
  • If your height is 5’ 11” and over, you would select a 75cm Ball
  • It is recommended that if you are in any doubt about your correct size, then choose a larger size, you can always inflate the Ball a little less if necessary to adjust its height. That is preferable to over-inflation and try to increase its size.


    The simplest way to inflate your Ball is to use the same air supply that you would use for your car tires, either from an external source or in your home.

    Fortunately most good quality Balls come with their own pump and these will do fine. A rule of thumb when inflating is that you should be able to push your finger into the Ball approximately 2” when it is fully inflated.

    If you are new to using an Exercise Ball you might not fully inflate your Ball at first. This will make its use and balancing a little easier until you become more accustomed to the feel of your Ball. Then as you progress you will become more comfortable and in tune with your Ball, you'll be more confident with the feel and movements of your Ball, so you can inflate it fully.

    This will also gradually increase the difficulty of your Workouts and keep challenging you and improving your stability and skills.

    It will not take too long before you will LOVE using your Exercise Ball, because of its Size and Shape, it’s becomes more like a Training Partner than a piece of equipment.


    exercise ball

    Don't be fooled into thinking that these are not a serious piece of Workout equipment, because nothing could be further from the truth.

    The Ball itself may seem simplistic in nature but from the first moment that you use one, you will feel it's benefits.

    These Balls by their very nature move and will respond continually to you and you will always find them challenging.

    You will find yourself concentrating on your Movements and Workouts more intensely, because your Ball will add another dimension of instability.

    This slight increase in Balancing that is introduced with the use of the Ball, will assist in focusing more Muscles to interact during your Workouts.

    These Muscles are not necessarily the major Muscles that you are targeting but are the Muscles used to assist or stabilize you during your movements. Extra emphasis is placed on your Muscles without adding any extra load or resistance and you will find that your concentration levels are greater as you continually think about your positioning.

    For example if you were to perform a Workout sitting on a flat bench, your Core Muscles (Abdominal Group and Lower Back) would assist in keeping you upright and that's all because you have a firm solid base.

    But when you perform the same Workout on your Ball, your Muscles have to work that bit harder. Your Muscles contract isometrically and continually assist with your balance.

    That’s where the use of the Ball comes into its own and the benefits of it's use shine through. The Ball automatically makes you think about your Body’s Positioning and Posture.

    I'll admit that when I first saw these promoted for Exercise I brushed them off as another gimmick doing the rounds, but as I soon discovered through study and their use that these Balls (no matter what name you give them) definitely open new directions for your Workout Routines.

    And remember that people of all ages love to play and interact with balls of all kinds. Balls have always added enjoyment to many activities and encouraged participation. As a child you probably spent many hours either alone or with friends and remember how having a ball to play with made your time so much more enjoyable.

    Well the same can be said about the Exercise Balls of today. They will give you countless hours of enjoyment and you will definitely reap the benefits from having one (or even two). And you never know, you may even be able to influence your children into some simple exercises and they to can benefit from having an Exercise Ball around.

    Like the many others that have taken advantage of Exercise Balls to effectively reach their goals, so can you. All you have to do for your opportunity to experience their benefits and follow the Workouts on this site or the DVD's, is to click on any of the sponsors links.

    It will open up a whole new world of Workouts for you.

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