Diet and Nutrition
How to ensure you're getting what's right

Diet and Nutrition is another vital component in the Three-Link Plan”. In conjunction with Motivation and Workout Routines these three form an integral link to your Success.

Good Diet and Nutrition is so vitally important for both your basic Well-being and to help in your endeavours to reach your Fitness Goals, "Whatever they may be".


  • The types and amounts of foods you consume will directly affect your ability to Control your Weight, either gain or loss.
  • How you feel, because healthy foods supply your body with fuel for your muscles to carryout physical activities. You can be energized or tired.
  • And supply Vitamins and Minerals for your body to properly Function.
  • The Human body is basically a machine and no doubt the most Marvellous machine ever imagined. But as with any machine your body requires the Right fuel, Proper maintenance and Regular Physical Activities to be at its best.

    Good Diet and Nutrition is the optimal way to take care of and get the best out of yourself.

    As the old saying goes ” You are what you eat” and as I like to add, you are also "How much you Eat"”.

    The Human body is basically a machine and no doubt the most Marvellous machine ever imagined. But as with any machine your body requires the Right fuel, Proper maintenance and Regular Physical Activities to be at its best.

    Good Diet and Nutrition is the optimal way to take care of and get the best out of yourself.

    Try comparing yourself to your car, I am sure that because your car costs a lot of money and sacrifice, you do whatever is necessary to ensure that it runs smoothly. You keep it fueled up, it is cleaned and maintained and you take pride in it. And when it looks its best you like to "Show it off".

    Well if it is agreed that a large percentage of us do all of these things for our car.

    Then why is it that there is also a large percentage of us that do not take the same care of our own bodies?

    By following Good Diet and Nutrition.

    And your body is a one of a kind, it's priceless and you only get to have one of them in a lifetime.

    The miracle of Good Health is like a gift that we do not fully appreciate and tend to take it for granted until we lose it. To learn something about this gift and how we can ensure that we live a long and happy life visit miracle-of-good-health com.


    The word “Diet” is described as “a Restriction or Limit of Food to Lose Weight”.

    And because of that word “Diet” can conjure up thoughts of our Food Consumption as something that we have to Combat.

    A “Don’t Eat This and Don’t Eat That”, level of mentality can develop and you feel that it can be a constant battle between,

    What you Consume, Your Weight and Your Guilt.

    You need not worry because it doesn't have to be this way!

    What I have investigated and found is to eat a balanced intake of Nutritious foods, with lots of variety. You can eat all food types in Moderation. I don’t believe in or recommend “Diets” that dictate exclusion of a certain food type.

    For example “A No Carbohydrates Diet” or to skip meals with “Meal Replacement Shakes”.

    Sure these diets will cut down your Daily Calorie Intake. But they do not provide a Balanced or Sustainable pattern to promote a Good Diet and Nutrition.

    Are you never going to eat any Carbohydrates again?

    Are you going to drink a Meal once or twice a day for the rest of your life?

    Of course you're not!

    Trying to follow an Eating Regime, like these Restrictive Diets will not last and you will eventually get resentful of your eating pattern and give up.

    It is typical of these “Diets” to manipulate a fast loss of Body Weight. This is due to the fact that the Human Body is approximately made up of two-thirds water. And it can fluctuate by several kilos if the Carbohydrate content is suddenly reduced.


    You follow the diet for a week or two, enthusiastically. The scales appear to record great success, you praise the diet and you may feel a little tired, but pleased with the results of the week or two of deprivation.

    But such results are short lived and the lost fluid soon returns. The scales return to their old figure or a little higher and you can feel once again that you have failed. You did your best but it only “appeared to work” by temporarily removing fluid.

    Any Weight that was lost will come Surging Back. Because in the majority of cases, you will start consuming all that you have been denying yourself. And so the cycle continues. You Gain Weight; you feel Guilty and eventually start another Restrictive Diet. This is not a pattern of good Diet and Nutrition or good for yourself esteem.

    This Weight fluctuation over time can lead you to doubt your own willpower and can have Psychological effects, leading to Depression. And also the feeling of failure can lead to Emotional Eating, there by increasing the problem.

    Fast Weight Loss Diets are NOT the Answer! Don’t try and find the so-called “EASY FIX” there is no such a thing.

    If it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is! Don’t be taken in by the Hype and don’t Waste your Money.

    Good Diet and Nutrition is the only true way to find a Balance.

    Moderation is the key to being able to "Have your Cake and Eat it Too", literally. You don't have to starve yourself of the sweet pleasures in Life, just watch your consumption.


    There is no point in attempting to Lose Weight unless you are prepared to accept a few FACTS.

  • Body Fat can only be Lost Slowly. Fast Weight Loss means that much of what was lost is Water and Lean Muscle Mass. Aim at a realistic weekly Fat Loss of about half a kilogram. Compare this to a tub of butter of margarine, if you can lose this much you are achieving a lot and making great progress.
  • There are No Miracles! Stop hoping to find a way to eat and drink as much as you like without Gaining Weight. There are no Magic pills, Supplements, Replacement drinks, Biscuits, Special Fat Burning Food Combinations, Passive Exercise Machines, Creams, Special Clothing or other paraphernalia or fads which will melt away any excess fat.
  • You cannot go on a Diet for a few weeks or months and then return to your old eating pattern. You will need to be committed to a healthy lifelong patten of “Good Diet and Nutrition” with meals and snacks made up of appropriate quantities of Healthy Foods. Before you despair, Remember that No Food is Completely Banned and that Healthy Foods do Taste Great.
  • Obviously a life long plan is something that you must be able to live with. There is no point in adopting some strange eating pattern that is Restrictive and does not fit in with eating out, and Social Eating or Drinking. You can have your cake and eat it too, just not everyday!
  • The kind of Workouts that you adopt must be enjoyable and variable. Different types of Workouts will be easier to live with and can assist in keeping you “Motivated”.
  • Some people see Carbohydrates as inherently fattening and restrict them from a Good Diet. Carbohydrates provide energy for everyday life and proper body functions. Do not let the Carbohydrates that you eat be teamed up with too much Fat. This will only add up to extra kilos.
  • Accept your Body Shape. The best “Good Diet and Nutrition” and “Workout Routine” can't alter your basic bone structure. You can however change the contours of your body by reducing your Fat intake and increasing your Muscle Mass .

  • The food choices that you make each day are so vitally important to your Weight Control, your Health and Well-being and will affect and reflect in your Workout results.

    You will not have the energy to benefit from your “Workout Routine” unless you have eaten to fuel your Body. And there is no use in performing a “Workout Routine” to then eat High Fat, High Sugar foods and expect to see any improvements.

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    You can read your way to Less Calories.

    Diet and Nutrition and Healthy Eating can be overwhelming because you have so many choices. Sometimes Healthy Foods or just a "Better Choice" are difficult to pick when there is so much variety. A food might appear to be Healthy because the packaging tells you that it is, but it could still contain a large amount of Fats and/or Sugars.

    Become accustomed to reading and understanding Food Labels.

    food label

    You will find that all packaged foods will have a Nutritional Information Label detailing their Dietary information.

    This information will include such things as the amount of

  • Kilojoules (energy).
  • Fats (how many grams per type).
  • Sugar, Salt, Additives, etc…
  • When you can understand Food Labels on processed foods it will be easier for you to pick the Right Foods that suit you.

    And I can assure you that you will be surprised as to what you'll find in some everyday foods that you probably thought was good for you.

    Remember that there is usually a better choice on the shelf that has less Fats and Sugars than another.

    So you can save Calories just by adjusting your choices.

    Here are some recommended references that can provide you with additional information concerning Diet and Nutrition and answer all of your questions. Did you know that by gaining knowledge, you then have the power. The power to make the right decisions.


    Do you know the different types of Fats that are found in foods?

    Can you tell the difference between the types of Sugars that can be found in different foods?

    What's your best way to stay Hydrated?

    Should you eat Complex Carbohydrates?

    Where can you find all the Vitamins and Minerals that you need for Good Health?

    What is Dietary Fiber? ,and are you getting enough in your diet?

    Having a deeper knowledge on Diet and Nutrition will not only help you throughout your life, but will help you in making better choices concerning your family's diet as well.

    It's a Win - Win situation for everyone involved.

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