Chest Workout Routines


Chest Workout Routines concentrate on the Pectoral Muscle Group at the top / front of your Torso (Chest), and are made up of the:

  • Pectoralis Major.
  • Pectoralis Minor.
  • And incorporating these Assisting or Stabilizing Muscle Groups,

  • Anterior Deltoid (Front of Shoulder).
  • Triceps Brachii (Rear of Upper Arm).
  • pectoralis major and minor muscles.

    triceps muscles


    The Pectoralis Major has its Point of Origins on the Medial half of the Clavicle (Collar Bone), Sternum and Ribs 1 to 6, and its Point of Insertion is on the Humerus (Long Bone in the Upper Arm).

    The Pectoralis Minor has its Point of Origin on Ribs 3, 4 and 5 and the Point of Insertion is on the Scapula (Shoulder Blade).

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    The Chest Muscles action is, Arm adduction and rotation, flexion and extension of the Shoulder Joint and depress, rotate and protract the Scapula (Shoulder Blades)

    The major Action (Movement) involved during Chest Exercises is Flexion (Concentric Contraction) and Extension (Eccentric Contraction) at the Shoulder Joint and Extension (Concentric Contraction) and Flexion (Eccentric Contraction) at the Elbow Joint.

    The Pectoralis Major and the Anterior Deltoid work in harmony together. The Pectoralis Major moves powerfully in push-ups, pull-ups and throwing actions (tennis serve, etc...). The Pectoralis Minor assists with Pushing actions, i.e. pushing your hands out in front of your body.



    The Exercises used are Compound because there is more than one Muscle Group being used.


    Balls and Bands Workouts, recommended Chest Workout Routines are:

  • Exercise Ball Chest Press.
  • Exercise Ball Seated Press.
  • Standing Two Arm Chest Press.
  • Exercise Ball Chest Fly.
  • Standing Chest Fly.
  • Standing Single Arm Fly.
  • Pull-overs.
  • Push-Ups (Variations).
  • swiss ball

    Some of the most popular Resistance Band Exercises are those that work the Chest and when developed properly these Muscles will contribute to additional Upper Body Strength and an attractive appearance.

    Remember to always "Workout Safely" using your common sense and proper technique, ""Position and Posture".

    These Exercises are easy to learn and effective, so don’t be surprised if they become your favourites.

    swiss ball

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