Body Weight Changes
Are you in Control?

Body Weight Changes can be influenced by many factors and it is important to have a basic understanding of these. So lets look at the three following questions.

  • How does Body Weight Change?
  • What are the Contributing Factors?
  • What "Body Type" are you?
  • The general public perception is that if someone is over weight, they have been eating to much or consuming high fat foods and the opposite if someone is seen to be very thin, they’re thought of as not eating enough or at all.

    We should not be concerned with public perception of our bodies. We are constantly bombarded with messages that we should all have bodies like twenty five year old super models. But let me tell you that the majority of people shown in advertising and magazines are professionals, who have to exercise and watch their food intake to keep their bodies appearing at their best. If they don’t, they wont be on the next cover.

    The message here is to not let the views of others affect how you see yourself, your life or your goals. Don’t listen to the negative viewpoints from whatever the source. Don’t be put off by what others may say “That it’s a waste of time” or “Why try you wont make it”. Also don’t be lured into feelings of guilt by magazines or infomercials pushing their latest and greatest must have exercise contraption.

    All you need to do is take care of yourself. Make a conscience decision to do whatever it will take for you to have good health. Just keep it simple and follow sound advice and you can affect whatever body weight change you desire.

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  • Your body weight can change when you consume Calories (Energy Eaten) and taken into comparison with the amount of Physical Work or Exercise performed (Energy Used). Therefore if you consumer more calories and do little to no physical work, you will gain weight in the form of excess body fat.

    And conversely, if you consume fewer calories in comparison to the amount of physical work performed, you will lose weight because your body will use fat stores as fuel for energy. And this is of course the theory proven and used to lose weight, through the use of good eating habits and exercise.

    Body weight change may not vary much at all, when you consume the same amount of calories that are required for an equivalent amount of physical work performed.

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  • So far that’s all very basic and straightforward, but there is one factor that you must keep in mind when you are exercising. That is the fact that Lean Muscle Mass weighs more than an equivalent amount of Body Fat and that will affect how your body weight changes.

    Therefore when you are combining Aerobic exercise and Resistance training and you are conscience of your calorie intake, after a period of time your weight may start to increase. Initially your Body Weight will decrease as you body uses fat stores as fuel and you will be content with your progress.

    But at some stage your Body Weight might rise, but don’t be concerned as this will be because, as you have done your Resistance Training and your Lean Muscle Mass has increased and as previously stated this weighs more than Fat. And due to the amount of Aerobic Exercising that you have done, in conjunction with your controlled calorie intake, your Body Fat levels have continued to decrease.

    Therefore you have lost Body Fat and gained Lean Muscle Mass, which equals more Weight, not more Fat. Don’t forget this point.

    Always keep this in mind and if possible the purchase of a good quality set of Digital Personal Scales that can give you your Body Fat ratios, when compared to your Total Body Weight, would be invaluable in keeping track of your results.

    Your gender can play a large part in where the deposits of Body Fat like to call home.

    Men will typically accumulate body fat on their chest and waist. The infamous “Beer Belly” is nothing but Fat and should not be glorified as anything different. So the body shape most predominant in men, we can call “Apples”

    Mean while some women will tend to have some excess fat on their waist and upper bodies but generally women will show more on their hips, buttocks and thighs. This accumulation on their hips and thighs is thought to be for periods of pregnancy and lactation, the thigh fat is easily mobilised to provide extra kilojoules to support their offspring. The body shape most predominant in women we can call “Pears”.

    Apples have far more health risks associated with their excess body fat, than Pears. Fat located in the upper body can increase the risk of suffering diabetes, coronary heart disease, gallstones and high blood pressure.

    Regardless of your body shape, if you are overweight this can lead to varied health problems. Without a doubt it is better to be lean than fat. If you are overweight, take up good eating habits and exercise and you can achieve a healthier you.

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  • The majority of us can be categorized as falling into three body types. You can have traits from two, but overall you will predominantly fall into one. These are:

  • Lets take a look at each;

    ENDOMORPH Will tend to carry a large amount of excess body fat. They will be rather robust and have full round faces. They will have the tendency to be able to build muscle but will have to follow good eating habits and exercise to yield results.

    MESOMORPH Can be described as having an athletic body type. Most mesomorphs will have broad shoulders and taper to a narrow waistline. These individuals can have fast metabolisms, making weight control easier than for Endomorphs.

    ECTOMORPH Are predominantly smaller than the other body types and will have a thin appearance. They will have thin waists, hips and shoulders and have a straight body shape. Individuals with this body type will find losing weight easy but will struggle to gain a large amount of Lean Muscle Mass.

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    If you take into account all the information listed here, you will have a better opportunity to control how your body weight changes.

    You may well have the genetics for a certain body type but that does not mean that you can’t tone and shape your body to what you desire.

    As explained body weight changes can affect your overall health. By having an understanding of these factors, you can decide what you feel is best for you and your requirements.

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