Body Balance

Body Balance is taken for granted, you don't have to think about it, for the vast majority, it just happens. It has been well documented for many years the importance of balance and coordination. Just the mere ability to stand is a challenge for our bodies. We are all individuals and have differing body shapes and sizes, when you couple this with the forces of gravity that continually act against you, you can see how all of your muscles (strength) and coordination (balance) have to come together so your movements can be controlled and functional.

Because you don’t consciously think about your body balance movements like standing, walking, sitting for instance, you also don’t give any thought to how you do it successfully. Thousands of messages are continually sent to and from your brain to your muscles and from other senses, such as touch and sight.

You never contract only one muscle for any of your body balance movements. Several muscles working in succession or at the same time give you the ability to have well coordinated movements.

Signals are sent through your nervous system and your muscles react to the messages. The many muscle movements necessary to pick up and hold an item with your hand and fingers are astounding. You cannot consciously control every movement required with the correct amount of intensity. Your muscles develop over the years to react automatically to these requirements and instantly take into account the size, weight and features of an object.

You will translate these messages into the correct intensity required to complete an action or task successfully. But you have no doubt also experienced mixed messages. You anticipate what is required to perform an action but have over compensated. You might have to move an object and you have a preconceived notion of what is required, but you send a message to too many muscle fibers and nearly throw it across a room.

Your muscles and nervous system can develop a condition termed “Muscle Memory” and translate past experiences into the required reactions and that’s how you can get caught out sometimes. You exercise your muscles for health and fitness but you probably don’t consciously train your Balance and Coordination to achieve their optimal performance. This is where Balance and Coordination Training can assist you in achieving better long-term results.

The more you train your Body Balance senses the better you will be able to react. Body Balance, Movement and Coordination are the same for both women and men. We have the same skeletal structure and muscle placement, therefore we can exercise in the same manner. And women and men share the same destiny in their gross motor skills, as they will deteriorate similarly with age.

Including a Workout Routine of some form (Resistance or Cardio Training) will assist in keeping you active now and in later years. And just as training your muscles will help with building Strength and Size. You can also increase your Body Balance and Coordination by consciously training and using your abilities.


In some instances your body sends messages on your movements without needing to have instructions from your brain. Remember having your reflexes tested by a doctor? Your doctor would tap near your kneecap and your lower leg would kick out. This phenomenon is caused by your spinal neurons sending a message to your quadriceps muscles to tighten when pressure is sensed on the tendons of your knee. This mechanism is also in place to assist with your stance and ability to walk.

Other reflex actions that your body will automatically respond too, are such instances as the chance of burns, cuts, falls and the like. Your reactions realize the danger before you have a chance to think and then respond. So when you include Balance and Coordination Training into your Workouts, you will also build better reflex responses.


You can dramatically increase your Body Balance and Coordination abilities with the introduction of Balance Training. This training utilizes the deliberate introduction of an unstable platform where you stand and your gross motor skills increase and constantly compensate and adjust to support your body and improve your stability.

This Balance Training has been well documented to:

  • Improve Physical Coordination
  • Strengthen Muscles and Joints
  • Develop both right and left Brain Coordination
  • Increase Self Confidence
  • Increase Core Fitness
  • The easiest and most effective way for you to increase your Balance and Coordination is to specifically train your abilities. And the easiest and most effective way to do that is with the introduction of a “Balance Trainer”.

    Balance Trainers give you the ideal environment to enhance your Balance and Coordination by improving and developing your gross motor skills. I can promise you, that you will find them both challenging and rewarding.

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