Benefits of Exercise
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The BENEFITS OF EXERCISE are usually overlooked because these are not the initial reason most people take up an Exercise or Workout program. The benefits of Exercise are like a free gift or an added bonus. You can look at it as a reward for all of your efforts.

cycling Researchers have shown that any amount of Exercise, commenced at any age will be beneficial to some extent.

It is recommended that an amount of 30 – 60 minutes a day of Fitness Exercises will yield effective results.

The Exercise can be broken down into shorter bursts. It could be 20 minutes of Walking and 20 minutes of gardening done throughout the day.

Exercise is a major factor in the maintenance of good health in all of us. As we Exercise, our body begins to adapt to its changing condition and as a result we obtain Exercise benefits.


HEART DISEASE. Regular Aerobic activity strengthens your heart muscle and can lower blood pressure. It can also reduce the risk of having or dying from a Stroke. Heart Disease can claim countless lives each year. Some may be due to old age and Heart Failure, while others are due to poor Health and Dietary intake.

This can be avoided by participating in regular Exercise and following a Healthy Diet. Yes, I know I'm probably not telling you anything new here, but the point is "ARE YOU LISTENING?"

This is a choice that you can make, lower your chance of contracting HEART DISEASE by simply doing yourself a favor and having a go at any form of Exercise that you enjoy.

TYPE 2 DIABETES. Due to a sedentary lifestyle, there has been an increase in Obesity in the population and a steady increase in type 2 diabetes. Losing weight due to increased physical activity can increase insulin sensitivity and improve blood sugar levels.

This is another avoidable Disease. Type 2 Diabetes is normally contracted later in life (unlike Type 1 Diabetes from birth) due to poor life style choices. All the normal culprits, Poor Diet, Lack of Exercise and some family history can all lead to developing Type 2 Diabetes.

A Poor Diet can lead to many ailments, but Diabetes just like Heart Disease, is a silent killer. No one would put their hands up to volunteer for a life full of insulin injections and dietary restrictions. Yet everyday (in the developed World) people are over-eating, making poor Dietary decisions and gaining Weight.

People make themselves prime candidates for Major Diseases with their Lifestyle choices, EVERYDAY.

OBESITY. In most cases being overweight can be prevented or reduced with the combination of increased physical fitness and the introduction of healthy Nutrition . Greater Physical Activity can assist in the reduction of excess body fat and increase Body Muscle Mass. These together can improve your body’s ability to use calories.

You can increase your metabolism (your metabolic rate) and your body will use a greater amount of calorie, even at rest. Being Over Weight can place undue stress on the Body, your Muscles and Joints have to carry more load and work harder. Your Heart has then got to work harder to provide blood to the working muscles. Your lungs have to take in more to keep your breath or you become tied.

Your system has to work at an overload level just to do basic everyday chores. Do what you can to reduce your chances of OBESITY and have to associated health problems by "BEING ACTIVE".

OSTEOPOROSIS. Studies have shown that any Weight bearing Exercise, such as Resistance Training, Walking, Jogging, etc… can help strengthen Bone Density. Unfortunately Women can also experience Bone loss after Menopause. A combination of a Diet high in Calcium and Vitamin D with regular Exercise will help achieve maximum results.

Women may find Calcium Supplements beneficial in helping to keep their Calcium levels up during this stage in their lives.

Don’t look at Osteoporosis as a disease only for Women as Men can also be affected. Regular Exercise and Good Nutrition is the key.

Stay Active, Enjoy Life and Exercise everyday. Remember the saying "That any amount of Exercise is better than none at all!"

INCREASED PHYSICAL WORK CAPACITY, in other words the more you Exercise, you will increase your Fitness. There is an increased capability for the Body to perform activities or work, as your Body adapts. This is due to the increase in your Physical Endurance or Strength.

So the more you Workout the easier it will become, because the Body adapts. That is why you have to adjust your Workout Routines to prevent yourself from plateauing (stop making progress).

PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS. Exercise can result in higher Self-confidence and Self-esteem. You will feel a sense of accomplishment as you strive for and reach your Goals. It can also reduce stress because during Exercise the body releases Endorphins, which promote a feeling of Well-being.

Usually when you actively choose to Exercise, you reap its Health benefits, you build Confidence because you reach your Goals and therefore you become Happier in yourself this can lead to better Self-esteem.


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These are just a few Benefits of Exercise and what they have to offer. The renewed feeling of Energy and Vitality that you will experience and the satisfaction of all your efforts can be all the,


Another advantage is that these Benefits of Exercise don't cost you anything, other than a little time and energy. They are there for the taking, all you have to do is get up (exercise) and take them. And no one will complain because there is plenty of Benefits of Exercise for Everyone, the choice is yours.

These Benefits of Exercise are not the reason that any of us begin a Exercise regime. None of us like to sit and ponder Heart Disease, Obesity, Diabetes, etc...but knowing that because you have taken up some form of Exercise, you will be doing yourself a favor and giving yourself your best chance at GOOD HEALTH.

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