Back Workout Routines


Back Workout Routines concentrate on the Upper and Lower Back regions and will incorporate the Rear Deltoids (Back of Shoulder) and Biceps to assist in their movements. There are many Muscles that account for this region, which perform many directional skeletal functions incorporating the Skull, Shoulder Blades, Spine and Humerus (Upper Arms).

The Major Muscles involved are,

  • Trapezius.
  • Teres Major and Teres Minor.
  • Rhomboids.
  • Latissimus dorsi
  • Erector Spinae Muscle Group.
  • And incorporating these Assisting or Stabilising Muscle Groups,

  • Rear Deltoids.
  • Biceps.
  • There are many smaller Assisting and Stabilizing Muscles that work in conjunction with the listed Muscles above, to perform the necessary movements required for this multi-jointed and multi-directional skeletal structure.

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    The majority of these Muscles have their Origins attached to various Vertebrae of the Spine (Back Bone) and the base of the Skull. And many of their Insertions are on the Scapula (Shoulder Blades) and the Humerus (Long Bone in your Upper Arm).


    The Major Actions (movement) involved during Back Exercises are Hyperextension of the Lower Back. Depressing, Adduction, Rotation of the Scapula and medial rotation of the Humerus.

    This provides movement and stabilization for a part of your bone structure called the "Shoulder Girdle". These Muscles work together to pull your Scapula (Shoulder Blades) down and up (Vertically), pull them back together (Horizontally), pull your Arms down from above your head and pull your torso back.



    The Exercises used are Compound, because there is more than one Muscle Group being used to perform these movements.


    The Balls and Bands Workouts, recommended Back Workout Routines are:

  • Prone Hyperextensions. (Lower Back)
  • Exercise Ball Hyperextensions. (Lower Back)
  • Resistance Band "Good Mornings". (Lower Back)
  • Resistance Band Wide Grip Pull-backs. (Upper Back)
  • Resistance Bands Seated Rows. (Upper Back)
  • Resistance Band Lat Pull-Downs. (Upper Back)
  • Resistance Band Single Arm Pull- Downs. (Upper Back)
  • Resistance Band Bent Over Lateral Raises. (Upper Back)
  • Plank. (Core, Variations)

  • swiss ball

    These Back Workout Routines are “Time Tested” and give proven results, they are standard Exercise movements to really target the complete Muscle Group that makes up your Back.

    It is important with all Exercises to have and hold correct Posture and Positioning while you are carrying out your movements. These Workouts will strengthen your Back to assist you with all other Exercises that require a straight, strong Back.

    You will find everyday living a lot easier if you have to bend and lift, twist or pull when you have a strong and flexible Back.

    It will not be long before you take your increased Strength and Fitness for granted because carrying out activities will be that much easier.

    And remember to always Workout evenly, your Back and Chest, because they are opposite Muscle Groups and need to be balanced.

    Always ”Workout Safely” using your common sense and proper technique, ”Position and Posture”.

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