Arm Workout Routines


Arm Workout Routines concentrate on Strengthening and Toning the Muscle Group that makes up your entire Arm. These Muscles comprise the:

  • Bicep Brachii (has 2 Tendon Attachments)
  • Tricep Brachii (has 3 Tendon Attachments)
  • Forearm Muscle Group (has Flexors, Extensors, Adductor and Abductor Muscles)
  • There are many Muscles that assist in the movement of the Arm, Hand and Fingers. For our purposes we will concentrate on the Major Muscles listed above.

    But as a consequence any Arm Exercise that incorporates different Directional Movements of the Arm (at the Elbow and Wrist Joints) will also exercise the numerous Muscles that make up the Forearm, due to grip and Wrist flexion and extension (bending)

    bicep muscles

    tricep muscles


    The Biceps have their points of Origin on the Scapula (Shoulder Blade) and their points of Insertion on the Radius (one of the two Bones between the Elbow and Wrist, the other being the Ulna)

    The Triceps have their points of Origin on the Scapula (Shoulder Blade) and the Humerus (Long Bone between the Shoulder and Elbow), with their points of Insertion on the Ulna.

    Because of the numerous Muscles that comprise the Forearm, there are many points of Origin and Insertion. But can be simply thought of as having points of Origin on the Humerus and Ulna, with their points of Insertion on the Radius and the Metacarpals (the many bones that make up the Hands)

    Remember this FACT, that ALL MUSCLES PULL from their respective points of Insertion, back towards their points of Origin.


    The Major Movement provided by these Muscles are Flexion and Extension of the Forearm at the Elbow Joint (bending and straightening of the Arm).

    The Rotation, Pronation, Flexion and Extension of the Hand at the Wrist Joint (the many movements associated with your Hand at the Wrist)

    The Flexion and Extension of your Fingers on your Hand (the ability to grip an item and to be able to point your Fingers)



    The Exercises performed for the Arms are generally looked upon as Isolation Exercises. Even though the Muscles in the Forearm assist with grip and some stabilization of movement.


    The Balls and Bands recommended Arm Workout Routines are:

  • Resistance Band Standing Curls
  • Resistance Band Preacher Curls
  • Resistance Band Bicep Standing Alternating Curls
  • Resistance Band Lying Bicep Curls
  • Exercise Ball Seated Bicep Curl
  • Resistance Band Tricep (overhead) Extensions
  • Resistance Band Tricep Push-downs
  • Resistance Band Single Arm Tricep Push-downs
  • Exercise Ball Tricep Dips
  • Resistance Band Across Body Tricep Extension
  • Resistance Band Lying Tricep Extension
  • Resistance Band Tricep Kickbacks
  • Resistance Band Wrist Curls (Variations)

  • swiss ball

    These Arm Workout Routines have to be performed with deliberate, concentrated movements that can Isolate the Muscle Group and truly target the Muscles to gain the best results.

    Correct Posture is Paramount in all Workouts, but to really work these Muscles in your Arms, you must ensure a firm, tight Torso with NO SWAYING. This prevents what is termed “Cheating” and ensures correct Muscle Movement.

    And remember to always Workout evenly, your Biceps and Triceps as they are opposing Muscle Groups and need to be balanced.

    Always ”Workout Safely” using your common sense and proper technique, ”Position and Posture”.

    swiss ball

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