Advanced Workout Routines

Advanced Workout Routines are the pinnacle of your Training and ”CONGRATULATIONS" on your Dedication and Determination for reaching this milestone. The Exercises in this section will challenge you further to increase your well-deserved Fitness Level.

Your knowledge has grown with your Experience and you are comfortable with most of the facets that Workout Routines can offer. So to expand on what you have experienced, this ”Advanced Workout Routine section will offer,

  • More Challenging Exercises.
  • Incorporate Longer Duration Cardio (Aerobic) Exercise.
  • Introduction of Advanced Training Techniques.
  • Introduction of Advanced Stretching Techniques.

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    These Workout Routines will concentrate on isolating the targeted Muscle Group using specific Exercises, these are more challenging and will assist you in developing further towards your Fitness and Health Goals.

    Your chosen Aerobic Exercise would have increased, to be approximately 45 – 60 minutes in duration by this stage. I would recommend that you perform your Aerobic Exercise at least 3 times a week. This will maintain your fantastic fitness level and any extra that you can fit in would be a great advantage.

    To add variety and to keep your Motivation and Enthusiasm high, you can experiment with some different Training Principles. Your body has a capacity for what is termed ”Muscle Memory” this refers to the fact that your body becomes accustom to the Exercises or Resistance (Work Load) placed upon it and has no need to adapt or change.

    Therefore to counteract this phenomenon all you need to do is change your Training Principle, approximately every 4 – 6 weeks to keep your Muscles guessing.

    Now that you have progressed this far, I suggest that a mandatory Stretching Routine be incorporated into your Warm-up and Cool-down phases of your routine to,

  • Decrease the incidence of Muscle Soreness.
  • Increase your Flexibility.
  • Assist the Muscles to work through a Full Range of Motion (R.O.M).

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    Now lets look at an Advanced Workout Routine that incorporates a 3-Day Split Routine.

    Advanced Workout Routine
    Day 1
    Body PartExerciseSetsRepsLoadNotes
    Chest Push-ups*310 - 12Body Weight*Feet on Ball
    ChestUpright Chest Press310 - 12Resistance Band
    Back (Upper)Lat Pulldown310 - 12Resistance Band
    Back (Upper)Bentover Lateral Raise310 - 12Resistance Band
    CalvesSingle Leg Raise320 - 25Body Weight
    AbdominalsCrunches + Extended Arms310 - 15Body Weight
    AbdominalsOblique Twists310 - 15Body Weight
    CorePlank21Body WeightIsometrics
    Cool-down Stretch

    Advanced Workout Routine
    Day 2
    Body PartExerciseSetsRepsLoadNotes
    Back (Lower) Hyperextensions*310 - 12Body Weight*on Ball
    Back (Lower)Prone Hyperext310 - 12Body WeightLying on floor
    Legs (Upper)Single Leg Squat*310 - 12Body Weight*
    Legs (Upper)Lunges310 - 12Body Weight
    Legs (Upper)Leg Curls310 - 12Resistance BandAttachment needed
    ForearmsWrist Curls315 - 20Resistance Band
    CorePlank21Body Weight
    Cool-down Stretch

    Advanced Workout Routine
    Day 3
    Body PartExerciseSetsRepsLoadNotes
    Shoulders Front Lateral Raise310 - 12Resistance Band
    ShouldersShrugs310 - 15Resistance Band
    BicepsSeated Alternate Curl310 - 12Resistance Band
    TricepsPush-downs310 - 12Resistance Band
    BicepsStanding Curls310 - 12Resistance BandWooden Handle
    TricepsOverhead Exts310 - 12Resistance Band
    CalvesSingle Raises320 - 25Body Weight
    AbdominalsReaching Crunches320 - 25Body Weight
    CorePlank21Body Weight
    Cool-down Stretch

  • You can have 1 or 2 Rest Day/s after Day 3, then commence the 3 Day Split Routine once more.

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    FREE PRINTABLE, ADVANCED WORKOUT ROUTINE that you can use in conjunction with the Exercises on this Website or you may change to suit your particular requirements,



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    As with any Workout Routine you are free to substitute any Exercise with another, as long as it is targeting the same Muscle Group. Look through the list and examples of Exercises specific to different Body Parts and develop your own Routines.

    You are more than Welcome to check back here any time , as I will be updating these Printable Workout Routines for you and adding new productive combinations to help you even more.

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