Abs Workout Routines


Abs Workout Routines target your Midsection or as some people call it "their Tummy". Being strong in this Body Part will give you what is termed “Core Strength” and Stability.

The Abdominal Muscle Group is made up of the,

  • Rectus Abdominis
  • Internal Obliques
  • External Obliques
  • Transverse Abdominis
  • These Muscles act together to supply the movement necessary for Respiration, Urination, Defecation and for Women, pressure during Childbirth.

    They are arranged in several layers running in different directions to add strength to the Abdominal Wall.

    abdominal muscles


    Because there are different directions of these Muscle layers, the Abdominals Muscle Group have opposing Origins and Insertions.

    The Rectus Abdominis has its Origin on the Pubis crest of the Pelvis (lower front, centre) and it has its point of Insertion on the Sternum and Ribs 5, 6 and 7.

    The Internal Obliques has its points of Origin on the Upper half of the (Outer) Pelvis and its points of Insertion on the Ribs 8, 9 and 10.

    Basically on the top of your Hips to the middle and sides of your lower ribs.

    The External Obliques has its points of Origin on the Lower 8 Rids (gradually feathering out towards the sides as it passes over the Ribcage. It has its points of Insertion on the Crest of the Pelvis (Ilium) and the facia of the Rectus Abdominis

    The Transverse Abdominis has its points of Origin on the Inner rim of the Pelvis (crest), the Inner surface of the Lower Six Ribs and the Lumbar Fasica. Its points of Insertion are on the Crest of the Pubis and the Linea Alba.

    This Muscle is the deepest and runs Horizontally across the body from side to centre on both left and right.

    Remember this FACT, that ALL MUSCLES PULL from their respective points of Insertion, back towards their points of Origin.


    The Movement of the Abdominal Region is a combination of all the Muscles and their respective Attachment Points. This combination gives us the ability to Twist, Bend (forward), and Sit up and to have Stability in our Torso when we Stand, Walk, Run and Sit.

    The Oblique Muscles are worked by moving towards the opposing side. If you twist to the Right you will be using your Oblique Muscles on your Left and Visa-versa.

    When you do an Abdominal Workout remember that these Muscle only pull between the Ribcage and your Hips and across your Midsection. Therefore when you target these Muscles through Exercise you only need to move your Chest towards your Hips, your Lower Back MUST stay flat and stable on the floor.

    When you start to lift your Back from the floor, it might feel as though your Abdominal's are doing the work, BUT THEY ARE NOT. At this point your Abdominal's are fully contracted and now to continue lifting your Back from the floor your Hip Flexor Muscles (between your Hips and your Leg) have come into play.

    Doing this does nothing for you Abdominal's, you only need to move them through their R.O.M. So point to remember "KEEP YOUR LOWER BACK FIRMLY ON THR FLOOR".



    The Exercises performed for the Abdominal Region are Isolation Exercises. No other Muscle Group contribute to their movement or assist in any way.

    When doing these Abs Workout Routines properly you will effectively target only your Abdominal Muscle Group.


    The Balls and Bands recommended ABS WORKOUT ROUTINES are,

  • swiss ball

    Important Advice!

    Do not work your Abdominal Muscles to Exhaustion (Failure). Treat them like any other Body Part and Workout your Abs with a set amount of Reps (10 – 20)

    Always keep your Lower Back stable and on the floor when you perform Crunches.


    These Exercises are DANGEROUS and OUT of DATE. They place too much strain on your Pelvic Region and can lead to Lower Back problems. You are not targeting your Abdominals when performing these Exercises.

    You have your Abdominals isometrically contracted and your Muscles called “Hip Flexors” pull your torso up, towards your knees (Not your Abs).

    swiss ball

    These or any other Abs Workout Routines will not give you a “Six Pack Midsection”. They will Strengthen and Tone your Abs and there is no doubt about that.

    If you are chasing a contoured “Six Pack Midsection”, you will have to adhere to a strictly controlled Calorie Intake of low fat, high carb foods and take part in some Cardio Training for at least 45 minutes duration and at least 4 – 5 times a week.

    Your Ab’s are under there (your Body Fat) somewhere and you will need to bring your Body Fat Percentage down extremely low, to expose them (under 3%).

    ”That’s when you will have “Six Pack Abs”

    And remember to always Workout your Abs and Lower Back evenly, as they are opposing Muscle Groups and need to be balanced.

    Your Abs Workout Routines should form an integral part of your overall Workout program and include your Abs in every Workout session. These Muscles form a very strong group and can be worked every day.

    Always ”Workout Safely” using your common sense and proper technique, ”Position and Posture”.

    swiss ball

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